My Online Income Report – September 2014

I finally got around to putting together September’s income report….better late than never!

It’s been a highly inactive month for me in the online world due to work and wedding planning (the big day is November 15th!), but I actually have another blog post in the works that I think I will publish in November.

Anyway, not much to say at this point except that the income keeps holding steady (actually, there was a decent increase this month over last month), so I can’t complain given that it’s 100% passive. :)

Let’s get right to the income report.

Freelance Writing Income

  • None!

Other Article-Related Income:


(Squidoo was actually acquired by HubPages, so I think this may be the last month of earnings here.)

  • Amazon: $3.24
  • Revenue Sharing: $34.83


  • Revenue Sharing: $3.17
  • Amazon: $0.00

Total Writing Income: $41.24

Lending Club

Lending Club, as I’ve written about many times, is one of my favorite online passive income sources, because I believe it’s my only source of truly passive income. What I mean by this is, once you select your investments (which only takes a few minutes), you sit back and collect the monthly payments which include a repayment of your initial investment + a relatively high rate of interest.

Now that I’m done saving for a house and wedding, I’m going to start getting back into investing some serious money into Lending Club and other similar passive investments online.  I’ll be writing more about these in the future, because I believe they can be a strong foundation for any passive income portfolio.

If you’re interested – here’s the strategy I have used to select my investments. It’s pretty simple, as you’ll find.

Here are the statistics for this past month:

  • Annualized rate of return: 6.24% (+.25% from the previous month)
  • Number of loans: 213 (+4 from previous month)

If you’re interested in trying Lending Club, you can sign up with this link and get a free account. Investments can be made for as little as $25. I am an affiliate for Lending Club, so if you have any questions about it, I’d be more than happy to answer them in the comments (or feel free to contact me by e-mail).

Prosper is another site where I invest, which is a social lending platform very similar to Lending Club.

Here are the statistics for this past month:

  • Annualized rate of return: 14.44% (+0.09% from the previous month)
  • Number of loans: 6 (no change from the previous month).

It may seem that I’m doing much better here compared to Lending Club, but that’s somewhat misleading. Because I only invest in 6 loans (vs. 213 at Lending Club), and none of them have defaulted, my rate of return % is going to be very high.

I think I still prefer Lending Club to Prosper, only because you have more flexibility in choosing investments, and there is more transparency overall. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with investing on both platforms though; I will continue to do so.

If you’re interested, you can create a Prosper account here.

I haven’t touched these sites in a LONG time, so anything I earn here is a bonus.  Eventually, if the cost of the site (i.e. domain renewal) exceeds the annual earnings, I will get rid of them.

Here’s a summary of my niche site earnings:

  • Amazon: $0.75
  • $19.53
  • Chitika: $0.00
  • InfoLinks: $0.00
  • Commission Junction: $0.00
  • Total: $20.28

The Daily Interview

Although The Daily Interview still exists, I will now be publishing any new interviews right here on My 4-Hour Workweek.

Here’s what the site earned last month:

Undisclosed Authority Site

This site is inactive, but continues to earn a bit of money.

  • $1.08
  • $1.23
  • Total: $2.31

Slow Carb Diet Experiments

  • Amazon: $11.10
  • $1.40
  • Total: $12.50

Total Authority Site Earnings: $15.25

Here’s the breakdown for affiliate and other income earned during the month. [Note: This income comes from other sites not discussed/listed above, including affiliate sales generated through this blog.]

Total Misc. Affiliate Earnings: $454.03

Income Summary

Here’s a summary of September’s earnings, organized by category:

  • Freelance Writing: $41.24
  • Niche Sites: $20.28
  • Authority Sites: $15.25
  • Misc. Affiliate Income: $454.03

Grand Total for September: $530.80 (+$116.33 from August)

It’s always nice to see a jump in income, especially when it’s 100% passive.

These were my top 5 most popular blog posts in September based on number of views:

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5) Successfully Balancing an Online Business and a Full-Time Job with Tom Drake [Interview]

How did your online business perform in September? Are you in a similar position as me where you have no time yet are still reaping the benefits of your passive income sources?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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My Online Income Report – September 2014