How to Sell Digital Products Online with Google Drive and PayPal

Learn how to sell digital products like PDF ebooks, photos, music, videos and other digitally downloadable files through Google Drive and PayPal. Customers can buy your product through 1-step checkout and the files are delivered to them by email.

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PayPal no friend when I needed help

The company that sold me my tickets went into administration. Now I can’t get my money back

I ordered tickets online in December for the musical The Lion King.

After weeks of chasing the seller, Theatre Line, I discovered that it had gone into administration. As I’d paid through PayPal, I assumed I’d be covered by its buyer protection, but when I opened a dispute it was immediately closed. PayPal confirmed that because 45 days had passed since the transaction, I had no claim.

Can I challenge this? Sometimes you don’t know you have a problem within 45 days, especially when it is a ticket for an event which could be booked many months in advance.

PayPal did say that had I used a credit card I could have claimed under the Consumer Credit Act. PB, Peterborough, Cambs

The obvious point to make here is: always read terms and conditions. But, of course, very few of us do.

If you had, you’d have known PayPal says that customers have to report a dispute within 45 days of the payment date – it then gives you a further 20 days to make a claim if goods don’t arrive. However, 45 days is a pretty stingy given the four to six months debit card users have under the chargeback scheme operated by Visa, Mastercard and American Express and the unlimited timescale offered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Web forums are loud with the ire of customers who have been caught out by PayPal’s obduracy.

PayPal claimed that 45 days is usually ample, but on this occasion accepted it was not long enough (and that a headline is looming) and has decided to refund you. Next time pay by credit card so you are not tied to a deadline – although persuading your credit card issuer of its liability is another story.

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