How to Change the Reply-to Address in Mail Merge

When you send an email campaign through Gmail, you’ve an option to specify a different reply-to email address for your emails. When the email recipient hits the “Reply” or “Reply All” button, the To field in their email reply will be automatically populated with the email address that you’ve specified as the Reply-to email at the time of sending.

You can even specify more than one email addresses in the reply-to field, separated by commas, and they will all show up in the To field of the reply field. For instance, you could send emails from your own email address but the replies would be received in your email inbox as well as the support team.

To get started, open your Google sheet, go to the add-ons menu and choose Mail merge with attachments.

Next click on the Configure menu to open the Mail Merge sidebar.

Change Reply-to Email address

Here go the Reply-to address file and type an email address. If you wish to receive replies on multiple email addresses, type them all here separated by commas.

Now when you send the email campaign, open one of the emails in the sent items folder, expand the message header and you should see the specified email addresses listed in the reply-to field.

Different Reply-to address

Why is Google Ignoring the Reply-to Address

If you send a test email to yourself, you’ll get the email in your inbox. If you hit the reply button in that message, you may notice that that reply-to field contains your own email address and not the custom email address(es) that you’ve specified in your mail merge.

That’s the default behavior in Gmail if the “from” address on an email message is the same as the “to” address or is one of your own email aliases. To test your reply-to functionality, you should send emails to an email address that is not connected to your current Gmail account or set the “From” address as a non-Gmail address.