How to Send Emails from a Different Address (Alias) with Gmail

Say you have two email accounts - and - the former is your personal email address while the latter is your work (corporate) email address. You are logged into your personal Gmail account but would like the mail merge to go out from your work account.

Consider another scenario where the personal secretary needs to sends out emails on behalf of her boss. So she runs the merge while staying logged into her own Google account but the recipients will see her boss’s email as the sender.

Both these scenarios can be easily handled in Mail Merge and Document Studio by setting up aliases in Gmail.

You can even send emails from your Outlook, Yahoo or Zoho email addresses through aliases in Gmail. Students and teach can send emails from their email address while logged into their personal email accounts.

How to Setup Email Aliases in Gmail

Open on your desktop computer, go to Settings, click the Accounts tab and, under the “Send mail as” section, click the link that says “Add another email address.”

Gmail Add Email Address

Next, follow the wizard to add the other email address as an alias to your current email address. You need to specify the sender’s name, the email address on behalf of which you wish to send out th emails and the reply-to address (optional).

Gmail Alias Setting

Treat as an alias - Yes or No?

If you own both email accounts, check the “treat as alias” option and emails sent to either address will arrive in the same Gmail inbox.

If you are sending emails on behalf on another person, say a secretary sending emails on behalf of his or her boss, the option should be unchecked. When the recipient replies to messages you send from the alias, the To: field in their reply message will be filled with your alias email address.

Gmail Verification

Gmail will send a verification code to your other email address that you wish to add as an alias to verify whether you really own or have access to that email account.

Verification Email Link

Log in to your other Gmail account and open confirmation email. Copy the confirmation code and paste it into alias verification box. Your other email address will now be added as an alias to your primary email address.

Change the Email Sender

This is how you can send emails from a different address in Google Sheets.

Mail Merge for Gmail

Send Email from Alias

Open your Google Sheet, choose Addons > Mail Merge with Attachments > Configure to open the merge sidebar. Expand the “Sender’s Email” dropdown and it will have a list of all email aliases that are connected to your Gmail account.

You can now send personalized emails on behalf of any email address that you own or have verified as an alias.

Document Studio

Open Google Sheet, go to Add-ons > Document Studio > Open. Expand the Mail Merge section and click on edit to open the Email Template designer. You’ll have an option to change the email sender as shown in the screenshot below:

Change Email Sender

Error - Cannot Add Aliases in Gmail

Are you getting an error while adding an alias in Gmail?

You must send through SMTP servers you can send as However, this functionality is not available for your account. Please contact your domain administrator.

If you do not see an option to add aliases in your Gmail settings, it is likely because your Google Workspace (GSuite) domain administrator has disabled the option to send email from aliases in domain settings.

To enable email sender aliases in Google Works, ask the admin to:

  1. Sign into the Google Admin console
  2. From the dashboard, go to Apps > GSuite > Gmail > End User Access.
  3. Turn on the “Allow per-user outbound gateways” setting that says “Allow users to send mail through an external SMTP server when configuring a “from” address hosted outside your email domains.”

Save the settings and wait for about 30-60 minutes for the changes to propagate. You’ll then be able to added external email addresses as aliases in your Google Workspace email account.

Google Workspace Email Setting Send from a different email address in Google Workspace