Is Vine video a fine idea?

We've filmed some six-second videos of our office, and we want to see yours. What do you make of the latest Twitter feature?

What is new technology for if not to provide a distraction from work? Twitter's Vine app allows you to film and share up to six seconds of video in tweets without any faffing around. It's not long, but is enough to show people how busy your train is, how much it's snowing outside, or even how to make steak tartare.

Have you had a go with it yet? My colleague Hannah Waldram tested it with a trip to the tea point (luckily she ran out of time before she was able to reveal the colour of the "tea" that comes out of our machines).

She's now put together a quick tour of the office:

Hannah was impressed with the design and ease of Vine. "With Tumblr reigniting the popularity of the retro animated gif, I have no doubt many will enjoy creating and sharing unique titbits of video," she says.

"It's an extension of twitpic and twitvid, which have been popular, and similar to other short-animation apps in vogue at the moment like Cinemagram and 1 second every day."

My own efforts were less successful. I liked using it, but my efforts to share videos fell at an early hurdle – I failed to tick that I wanted to tweet the video as I uploaded it and can't work out how to do so retrospectively. Does anyone know if that's possible? (If it isn't, you'll have to visit Vine to enjoy the view from my desk.) And six seconds seemed far too short for anything much.

If you've got a spare six seconds today, and an iPhone (annoyingly it's not yet on Android) perhaps you could do the same – show us your workplace and let us know what you think of Vine. Can you imagine this being something genuinely useful, or are you dreading having to see more of your friends' cats?

Tweet your workplace films to @guardianmoney. If you've already got the hang of it and fancy winning some CDs, or sharing more artistic creations than an office panorama, my colleagues on other desks would like to hear from you.

Your Vines

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