The Unofficial Instagram App for iPad is Good

If you are looking to download a proper Instagram app for your iPad, get Pinstagram – fresh from the oven and it’s free.

Pinstragram offers all the standard features that are available inside the official Instagram app for iPhone – you can like and comment on photos, search tags, etc – except that you cannot capture or upload new photos to Instagram from this iPad app.

From Instagram to Pinterest

The app uses the popular Pinterest-style layout for displaying your Instagram photo galleries but one of my favorite features of Pinstagram is its integration with Pinterest.

You can now pin any* Instagram photo to your Pinterest boards with a click. I use the word β€œany” here because, unlike Flickr, there are currently no restrictions on pinning public Instagram pictures to Pinterest.

Get it while it’s hot. You’ll like it.

Instagram on iPad – Screenshots

Browse Instagram photos like Pinterest

instagram on ipad

Manage your Instagram Friends from the iPad

manage instagram friends

Share Instagram Photos on Pinterest

instagram to pinterest

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