What To Do With Your Niche Sites Once You’ve Given Up On Them

Given all the changes with Google’s algorithm (Panda and Penguin, the animals we love so affectionately) and the seemingly common AdSense account bannings, it appears the future value of niche sites has never been more questionable.

As I’ve said multiple times (more recently here), I don’t think mini niche sites are dead, but we can’t ignore the fact that it has become more difficult to succeed with them for most people.

And let’s face it – they’re not for everyone.  With my renewed focus on authority sites, I’ve decided to give up on my mini niche sites aside from a small handful that still earn some money.

In other words, I’m not planning on renewing the domains – the sites will eventually die off within the next 6 months.  I feel bad letting all of that work go to waste (especially the content).  After all, maybe the site itself has no value, but the content should still be usable somewhere, right?

That’s what I want to address today – what to do with your niche site’s content after you’ve given up on the site.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “repurposing content” before, and it basically means this: Taking content that already exists and finding other uses for it.  I’m not talking about plagiarism - this only refers to content you already own.

To take it a step further, I’m assuming that content you repurpose will no longer exist in its original form.  In cases where the content has been and will be crawled and indexed by Google, you don’t want to run into duplicate content issues.  So, if I’m going to repurpose an article for a niche site, I won’t republish it until it’s off the original site (or the original site has expired).

Different Ways to Repurpose Your Niche Site Content

As I really though about it, I realized there are lots of potential ways you can repurpose your content from niche sites.   These are the ones I found:

1) Income Generating Articles

This is the first one I thought of, and is the one I am most likely to pursue.  Because I plan on having an AdSense account within the next couple months through my business entity, I will be able to use InfoBarrel again.   Across my 80+ niche sites, I easily have over 100 articles that I can publish on InfoBarrel once they are no longer indexed as part of the niche sites.

It’s difficult to determine exactly how much this would be worth in terms of monthly revenue, but I know the 130-140 articles I currently have on InfoBarrel have consistently generated $30-70/month. These additional sites could easily add another $25/month to that income, which would be an additional $300/year that I don’t currently earn.

It’s possible they could earn even more if I incorporate Amazon affiliate links to the more product-based articles.  Once I have these articles published to InfoBarrel and have an AdSense account again, you’ll definitely be able to follow my progress via my monthly income reports.

2) Articles for Backlinks

This can actually work in conjunction with #1, but you can use your niche site articles to publish on various article directory websites or Web 2.0 sites (I have listed many of these in this post).  Within the content, you can add backlinks to other sites you may have.

Ideally, you will try to keep the articles and backlinks relevant to the site they are pointing to.  For example, let say you had a health and fitness authority site, but also have two “failed” niche sites about  weight lifting equipment and protein supplements.  You can probably publish your articles from those two niche sites on other article-based websites and have some very relevant backlinks to your authority site.

3) Guest Posts for Backlinks

Assuming your articles from niche sites are high enough quality, you can offer them up as guest posts.  Similar to #2 above, you will need articles that are relevant to whatever you are linking to.

Guest posting obviously isn’t as easy as publishing your articles to Web 2.0 sites, but it’s worth the extra effort to obtain higher quality backlinks.

4) Package Articles from Related Niche Sites and Build a New Authority Site

Depending on the quality and relevancy of the articles, you can possibly package together articles from similar niche sites and use them to help build a new authority site.  The new authority site would hopefully have other, new content, but these already-written articles could help fill out the site when it’s new.

You may need to modify the articles to fit the style of your authority site (whether that means adding more depth to them, or even something as simple as including images).

5) Create an eBook or “White Paper” Download to Build an E-mail List

Once again, this assumes you have another site that is somewhat related to the niche site that you’re taking down.  Using the example above with the health and fitness authority site, perhaps the articles from your niche site about weightlifting equipment could be used to create an eBook called, “10 Things You MUST Know Before Purchasing Weightlifting Equipment,” assuming your niche site articles could be used to build an eBook on this topic.

Again, you may need to modify the articles so that they work together as one document, but it’s easier that writing something new from scratch.  And although this may not be something you can sell, you can use it to attract e-mail list subscribers that can be valuable in the future.

6) Sell Your Content

If none of the above repurposing methods sound attractive to you, you can always just sell your articles outright.  Here are some sites that allow you to sell them (Note: I have not actually used any of these before.):

Depending on how much your article will sell for, this could be a viable route to take. Personally, I would still prefer to have my article on InfoBarrel or otherwise use it for backlinking purposes.

That’s All!

As you can see, the end of your niche site doesn’t have to be the end of the content you created for it.  You can and should repurpose your content in whatever way you think will get you the greatest long term return.

You can always repurpose repurposed content too (wow, that’s confusing, isn’t it?).  For example, if after several months you realize that your article isn’t doing anything for you on InfoBarrel, you can always take it down and move it somewhere else.

Can you think of any other good ways to repurpose niche site content?  Share them in the comments below!


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What To Do With Your Niche Sites Once You’ve Given Up On Them

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