Newbie Niche Site Month #2: The Results

As of yesterday, the second Newbie Niche Site Month was over.  I sent out over 40 domains over the course of the past month or so, and hopefully many of you were able to take advantage of it.  Even if you did nothing with the domain ideas, hopefully it sparked some ideas in your mind of product-based niche sites that you can build.

I know people spend a lot of time talking about niche sites online, but as I’ve pointed out before, there may be some of you who have never created one before and don’t know the first thing about where to start.  That’s perfectly okay.  The one thing that people rarely do is hand you actual ideas and URLs for you to run with, but that’s what I’ve done here.  Now, I know it would be better to teach you how to find domains rather than just give them to you, but all of that information is readily available through a simple Google search (and I wrote an article on it awhile back).

As I did last time, I wanted to recap exactly what Newbie Niche Site Month consisted of for those who didn’t receive the e-mails (and yes, I’ll list out all of the domains I sent out).

This is basically what Newbie Niche Site Month was:

  • Each week, for 4 weeks, I shared with those on my newsletter list, a list of exact keyword domains.  Having an exact match keyword domain is extremely powerful when it comes to ranking for that keyword in Google’s search engine results.
  • The reason I targeted this special series toward “newbies” is because these keywords generally receive 1,000-2,000 exact searches per month.  This is still plenty of traffic to create a profitable niche site, but those of you who are already experienced may have your sights set a bit higher.
  • All of these URLs were related to products (specifically, products that can be found on, consistent with the Amazon niche site challenge I’ve undertaken.  I know it’s been awhile, but I’m finally seeing some nice results with my Amazon sites, which I will be sharing in my next income report.

Here Are The Domains!

More than likely, these domains have all been registered, but I’m showing you them here just in case you missed out on the e-mails and are curious what kinds of domains I researched and sent out.  Keep in mind, all I did was research the availability of each domain and search traffic of each keyword.  I’m leaving it up to you to take it the rest of the way and properly research the competition, etc.

  1. ChildrensCrocs .org – 1,600 exact monthly searches
  2. cheapdesignerdresses .net – 1,900 exact monthly searches
  3. cheapdesignerdresses .org – 1,900 exact monthly searches
  4. halogenovenreviews .org – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  5. catenclosuresforoutdoors .org – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  6. multimeterreviews .net – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  7. multimeterreviews .org – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  8. halogenconvectionoven .net – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  9. halogenconvectionoven .org – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  10. scootergrips .org – 1,600 exact monthly searches
  11. scooterrazor .net – 1,000 exact  monthly searches
  12. scooterrazor .org – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  13. castironfirepit .net – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  14. openfacehelmet .org – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  15. helmetsforsale .net – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  16. helmetsforsale .org – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  17. brisketslowcooker .net – 2,400 exact monthly searches
  18. brisketslowcooker .org – 2,400 exact monthly searches
  19. slowcookerbrisket .net – 1,900 exact monthly searches
  20. slowcookerbrisket .org - 1,900 exact monthly searches
  21. scooter250cc .com – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  22. scooter250cc .net – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  23. scooter250cc .org – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  24. snowmobilehelmet .org – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  25. carbonfibermotorcyclehelmets .org – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  26. hardplastickiddiepool .net - 1,600 exact monthly searches
  27. poolgamesforkids .net – 1,600 exact monthly searches
  28. poolgamesforkids .org - 1,600 exact monthly searches
  29. poolinflatables .org – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  30. 2personcardgames .com – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  31. 2personcardgames .net – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  32. 2personcardgames .org – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  33. oneplayercardgames .net – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  34. oneplayercardgames .org - 1,000 exact monthly searches
  35. hummingbirddepthfinder .net – 1,600 exact monthly searches
  36. filterwaterbottle .com – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  37. filterwaterbottle .org – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  38. camelbackwaterbottle .org – 1,300 exact monthly searches
  39. 8mantent .net - 1,600 exact monthly searches
  40. duvetcoversking .org – 1,900 exact monthly searches
  41. twinduvetcover .net – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  42. twinduvetcover .org – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  43. comparedishwashers .org – 1,000 exact monthly searches
  44. germanknives .org - 1,300 exact monthly searches
  45. victorianchairs .org – 1,000 exact monthly searches

Some Random Closing Notes

  • Although it did take me awhile to research all of these keywords and domains, it hardly takes any time at all to find one.  You can do it without spending a dime – find your ideas by browsing and use Google’s Keyword Tool to find out about the keyword’s traffic.  Use your preferred domain registrar or a site like Domain Whiz (free) to check a domain’s availability.
  • Before you actually develop a site, I definitely recommend doing a bit of research on your keyword’s competition.  You can do this by evaluating the sites on page 1 of Google, but I prefer to use Market Samurai to help with that (free trial).
  • There are still thousands of unregistered domains out there with lots of income potential, just waiting for you to find them.  I said it last time I wrote a recap post, and I’ll say it again:  Every day, profitable domains are invented.  Every time a new product is released, you could potentially create a review site based around that product.  Keyword searches are always evolving, so therefore, good domain availability is too.

What do you think?  Let me know what you thought about this e-mail series, if you were one of the people who followed it.  Thanks!


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Newbie Niche Site Month #2: The Results

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