money earning:Making Money Online For Free – Simple Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online has become trend of the age, state-of-the-art work opportunity for all. Due simplicity, comfort, and freedom from schedule working hours, increasing numbers of people are searching online job opportunities. Especially, women, elders, and students who otherwise would have not gone for money earning are now being queued up in the online market for a suitable job opportunity. With globalization and effectively utilization of outsourcing concepts, there exist huge opportunities for home based workers for making money online.

The horizon of potential money generating job works have widened extensively during the recent years. By continuing the trend, hundreds of new fields of work services are being unfolded everyday in this super IT age. By virtue of very nature of the virtual world and to fulfill demands of the citizens, making money online has become easier than ever. Bigger companies find it more profitable by getting the job done through online from home rather than recruiting people at their base offices.

There exist hundreds of means for making money online comfortably from one’s own home – virtually the scope is unlimited here. Job providers are showing more interest in getting their job done from online home based job seekers allowing them finding ways of making money online. Getting the job done in this way is more profitable for the business organizations as they no more need to look after welfare of the employees. Though every job is not possible to get accomplished from home, but the fields of following issues have affected strongly in the process of making money online:

Online/Offline data entry Website design Software design/Testing Content writing Translation Online education e-Commerce Online surveying Medical Transcription e-Book writing Online teaching Blogging Online Advertising Data conversion Data processing Resume writing Employee recruitment Customer care Animation film creation Academic article writing/Lesson preparation

As you can see there is many different opportunities for anyone to make money online and work from home, you just need to find a skill that you can use on your computer.

money earning

money earning:Retirement Income Planning – Ways to Save Money

We do not want to keep working for a living until the time we die, or do we? Consider this – what if you could work only for ten years and then be able to enjoy the same lifestyle without having to work again for the rest of your life? Yes, you can. With the right financial discipline, anyone should be able to achieve this. This is the concept of money at work. Without you having to work whether for an employer or your own business, you can enjoy the same income from yields that your money earns for you. But, before you can put your money to work, you have to make enough money to allow you to take advantage of the various investment opportunities around. Every cent that you save today counts towards the accumulation of money available for you to invest. You have to start saving now to invest and not to spend.

There are ways to save money that you can practice everyday. Yes, even with today’s tough times, you can still employ these ways to save money for a better life down the road. One of the first things you should do is to evaluate your own financial statement. Take a look at your income and your expenses. Go into this in detail. Once you have an idea of how much money comes in, how much money goes out, and what expense items your income goes to, you can already look at the ways to save money. Examine the expense items in your itemized list and then come up with a budget.

One of the best ways to save money is to treat the amount of money you intend to save as an expense item. Pay yourself first. When your income comes in, set aside your savings already and have the discipline not to touch it. Small things like brewing your own coffee to take in a flask to work with you instead of stopping at the corner gourmet coffee shop, and walking the few extra blocks to the grocery instead of taking a cab are just some of the easy ways to save money everyday.

money earning

money earning:Saving Money with Life Insurance Investment

A well-known adage says: “Money saved is money earned”. Saving money by investing on life insurance has become a rage these days amongst all sections of the society. According to a recent media poll, most senior citizens like investing on life insurance in order to save money form being wasted. In this age of information technology consumer has really emerged as the uncrowned king of every business activity.

With a little bit of precision and proper market survey the best deal will invariably land in your lap. This new consumerist economy forced the life insurance corporations to emerge in its new avatar. Form being just life insurance corporations it has now become to money saving forums catering to the needs of its aggressive consumers.

Ways to save money when investing on life insurance-

-Always go for financially sound companies when investing on life insurance-Almost all companies these days sell life insurance. So, it is better to narrow down your search by going for only companies having good reputation in the market. Do not get lured by companies offering low premium rates. They may turn out to be a bad choice in the long run.

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money earning:List Of Ways To Save Money On Phone Bills

During these challenging economic times, the less money we spend unnecessarily, the more we are able to save for our priorities and future needs. One of the factors which sometimes contribute to our monthly expenses are the phone bills. Here we discuss a list of ways to save money on phone bills.



Specifically for International phone calls, try to go in for per second plans of the operators, where you get billed per second / per 10 seconds. This is way much cheaper than the per-minute billing plan. Sometimes, it happens that your conversation is very brief and it is over in less than 30 seconds. If you have a per-second billing plan, then you pay only for 30 seconds and not the whole one minute. Moreover, sometimes, you call and the other person is not able to hear you properly. In that case, people generally disconnect within 10-12 seconds. So, why to pay unnecessarily for one whole minute when you have not been able to even initiate the conversation.



Always check your talk time. Are you spending too much time talking on phone?. If yes, then, probably, your phone bills must be going way up.


During your conversation, if you keep an eye on how many minutes you have been talking, then you would want to talk only about the most important things and discuss the rest later, or maybe through Email. This will help you a lot to save money on phone bills

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money earning:How to Save Money? Put it on Autopilot

For most of us, saving money is not a particularly easy task.  We all know we should have some money stashed away for various reasons, including planned future expenses and unexpected emergencies.  However, there is often a disconnect between knowing the need for saving money, and actually saving money.

The trick is to find a way to make saving a regular habit.  Saving money is much more difficult if we wait to have a “chunk” of money to put away.  Instead, pick an amount of money to put into a savings account on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and stick to it.  You can also think of this as paying yourself first.  Chances are if you plan ahead to save a reasonable amount on a regular basis, in a short time you won’t even miss it.  The following are some tips and tools to help you achieve this goal.

1) Direct Deposit / Automatic Payroll Deduction

One of the easiest and most effective tools available to help enhance your money saving efforts is Direct Deposit.  Direct Deposit allows you to choose a set amount from every paycheck to be deposited into the checking or savings account(s) of your choice.  Many employers allow their employees to divide their funds to be deposited into multiple accounts.  Taking advantage of this option can allow you to regularly fund your checking account (for your regular bills and payments), as well as supplement one or more savings accounts for various purposes (regular savings; escrow—property taxes & homeowner’s insurance; car repair/replacement fund; emergency fund, etc.).

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money earning:Find Missing Money in Wisconsin

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money earning:Creative Position Ideas to Make Quick Money

The question of the year looks to be how buyers can make quick money. For some individuals choosing up an odd position or two is the optimum way to go about obtaining some swift funds but outside of the want advertisements, you may very well want to go out and start looking for the a lot more creative and significantly less thought of as jobs readily available.


Offering Your Possessions


Holding a yard or rummage sale can consider a day or two to set up and in a matter of hours of keeping your sale, you could be bringing in some significantly essential extra funds. Yet, if you don’t want the mess of setting up a sale, you can always consider the sale online. Today there are many internet websites that make available you a venue for promoting things outright or auctioning it off to the highest bidder.


Start Your Very own Business


If you’ve obtained ingenuity, talent, and or a pastime that you can place to use, ponder starting up a business from your home. Some businesses like in home daycare, canine walking and errand operating demand tiny to no launch up money at all. In reality, now is a very good of time as any to initiate a service oriented home business. Our world is highly rapidly paced and consumers are always hunting for ways to lower corners and save time. Employing an individual to do the work for them is turning out to be a preferred pattern.

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money earning:Life Coaching : Get easy money with easy life

Coaching is not only owned by athletes. Singers is also need coaching. But essentially, we need coaching in our life.  Sport, music, speaking and all need coaching method. All for a single reason – they want to improve their performance in their respective fields. This is about our life performance and life quality. So if you want to improve your performance in day-to-day life, life coaching is the way to go.

Life is so simple if we see that in a simple view. Sometimes we make life more difficult because of one simple thing. Money. Yes, we do not doubt about reality that money is the important factor to make our your life coach here.

money earning

Add a Subscribe Button to your Facebook Profile

Like most other Facebook users, I have a public page where I share updates from my blog and a personal profile which is private and I primarily use it for connecting with my offline friends and family members.

Most of the stuff that I share on my personal Facebook profile – like pictures of kids, songs, cooking recipes, etc. – would be extremely boring to the external world and, fortunately, they don’t get to see any of that.

Having said that, I occasionally post updates on my personal profile page that could be of interest to a wider audience and I would therefore be more than happy if people - who are not my “friends” on Facebook - can see or comment on them. How can you do that without making your profile public?

Facebook Subscribe

Let Non-Friends Follow you on Facebook

Facebook has just added a new option to profile pages that would let people “subscribe” to your profile just like the way people follow you on Twitter. Whenever you post an update on Facebook with the privacy set as “public,” it will appear in the news stream of your subscribers.

To put this in more simple terms, Subscribe is to Facebook profiles what Like is to Facebook pages. The only difference is that you get each and update when your “like” a Facebook page whereas you only get public updates when your “subscribe” to a Facebook profile.

You can subscribe to my public Facebook updates at

Add the Subscribe option to your Facebook Profile

If you would like to add the Subscribe button to your own Facebook profile, go here. Before you do that, it may be a good idea to double-check that only stuff that you really want to share with non-friends is public.

To confirm, go your Facebook profile page, hit the “View As” button and then click the “public” link to see what updates in your profile are public. You can have unlimited number of subscribers to your profile but you can subscribe to a maximum of 5,000 profiles.

You can download this PDF, courtesy the Facebook Public Figures page, to learn more about the new Subscribe option and how it differs from a regular Facebook page.

On a related note, Facebook is using the standard RSS icon with the new Subscribe feature which is confusing because, technically, these aren’t really RSS feeds – you can’t get them in, say, Google Reader.

facebook profile vs page

Also see: Customize your Facebook Profile

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Digital Inspiration @labnolThis story, Add a Subscribe Button to your Facebook Profile, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on September 14, 2011 under Facebook, Internet.

A Xobni Alternative for your Microsoft Outlook

Xobni, if you are new, is a popular Microsoft Outlook plugin that lets you know more about the sender of an email. You get to see the sender’s picture, Linked profile, tweets and, if public, their Facebook profile right next to the email message. Xobni probably uses the sender’s name and email address to bring this information and it is quite efficient at that.

If you write the word Inbox backwards, you get Xobni. If you write Evil Xobni backwards, you get Live Inbox – that’s exactly the name of a new Outlook plugin which is showcasing itself as a better alternative to Xobni. The feature set is similar and so is the UI - compare the screenshots of Live Inbox with Xobni below to get an idea.

xobni alternative

Live Inbox – A Xobni Alternative or Clone?

If you have used Xobni before, you’ll have absolutely no trouble getting to speed with Live Inbox as this new program has lot in common with Xobni.

Once you install the plugin, you need to connect it with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. It then offers a rich profile of the email sender in the sidebar, much like Xobni, and if there are multiple matches, you can pick any of the matching profiles manually.

The bottom half of the Live Inbox sidebar displays a list of email messages and file attachments that you have exchanged with the sender in the past. Xobni does this as well. There’s a unified instant search box to help you quickly find contacts or one of your old emails. The Live Inbox website says that it returns search results “50 times faster than Outlook” though I did not experience that difference in my testing.

Live Inbox is expected to become available for $29.95 though you may use this link to download the free 30-day trial right now. Xobni is available in both free (that’s what I use) and paid edition that costs $9.99 per month.

Live Inbox does mostly work as advertised - I tried it on Microsoft Outlook 2010 running on a Windows 7 machine - and, because of the one-time fee, it may appeal to Xobni Pro users who otherwise have to pay $9.99 per month. If you are using the free version of Xobni, I see no reason for making the switch. That said, I find it amusing that the company, which has only created an almost exact replica of another successful product without much innovation, is still calling their inspiration “evil.”

Here’s an ET Now video where Mahesh Murthy and Sudhir Syal discuss Live Inbox from the funding perspective. The website has no information about the founders but it looks like a product of Instacoll, the same team that worked with Sabeer Bhatia in the past to create Live Documents, an online office suite.

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Digital Inspiration @labnolThis story, A Xobni Alternative for your Microsoft Outlook, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on September 14, 2011 under Microsoft Outlook, Software.